Glazing Technology had remained unchanged until the later half of the 20th century. In contract, today glazing systems can be designed to:

  • Improve the energy efficiency of a building (in summer and winter)

  • Reduce solar gain to the interior of the building

  • Reduce glare

  • Protect occupants from glass breakage or explosion

  • Protect glazing from vandalism, graffiti and bandit-attack

  • Increase privacy and aesthetics

However, glazing systems don’t always meet the needs of modern buildings. For example, technologies or specifications for high performance glazing may not have been available at the time of construction. As a result there is often a need to upgrade existing glazing to meet today’s higher requirements.

Eastman’s Performance Film Unit is committed to delivering market leading technologies. Our Helios exterior coating offer outstanding durability in extreme weather conditions. Our Enerlogic range of all-season window films allow winter heat loss to be reduced by > 40% in addition to the solar control performance (up to 75% solar energy rejection) you expect from RgRicci.

Window films can be used to upgrade the performance of existing grazing with all the features described above – a retrofit modern technology at a fraction of the cost of glazing system replacement.

  • Standard glazing – to energy efficient glazing: resulting in energy saving of up to 30% from heating and cooling system.
  •  Standard glazing – to solar protected glazing > 80% rejection of summer heat gain

  •  Standard glazing – to glare reduced glazing: > 90% reduction in glare

  •  Standard glazing – to specialist UV protection glazing: > 99.9% UV protection.

  •  Standard glazing – to modern safety glazing: e.g. EN 12 600

  •  Standard glazing to decorative or privacy glazing.

Modern trends in glazing technology are for maximum performance with minimal visual impact. Rg Ricci windows film have kept pace with this desire. We offer high light trasmission solar control films, evenrgy saving films, UV protection films, optically clear safety films that do not change the visual appareance of the building.

We also offer more traditional Reflective and Tinded Window Films that combine high performance with the ability to enhance or change the aesthetics of a building as required.

Films lower the solar heat gaing coefficient , thereby reducing the amount of excess heat retained even when the space is equipped with heat insulated glass.

  • Improved occupan comfort resulting from lower room temperatures.
  • Optimized working conditions
  • Reduced expenditure on energy to operate air conditioning system.

Increased occupant productivity with less fatigue.

Summer air conditioning and winter heating represent an enormous cost factor for both business and private households.

Rg Ricci low emissivity films can reduce heat loss in the winter and excess heat in the summer.

  • Heat installation.
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs.
  • Environmental protection through reduced energy use.

UV protection films can help keep furniture and in-store merchandise from fading. Archieved by blocking harmful UV rays from penetrating the glass. UV protection films are also used in museums to protect valuable works of art and other historical cultural artefacts.

  • Protection from UV rays
  • Fade Protection
  • Skin protection

Bright natural light can create difficult conditions due to glare and reflections on computer or tv screens.

  • Glare reduction.
  • Optimized working conditions.
  • Eye protection.
  • Increased productivity with less fatigue.