SIMONA RICCI since 1998 is the technical manager of safety films and sun protection for glass and still today made up of people with experience and seriousness in the sector.

The films are used to solve the many and varied problems that glass surfaces can give:

  • SAFETY: with light and thin TRANSPARENT solutions, it is possible to make 626 and 81/08 compliant with smooth surface glazing higher than 3mm, certifying from the minimum class of the ANTI-DEFORMATION to the maximum class of the ANTI-EXPLOSION to prevent, in case of breakage, injuries to people.
  • PRIVACY: for those who want to see, without being seen, there are solutions “mirror”, of varying gradation and coloration, which also make the façades of buildings or houses even “homogeneous” … or with the effect of “sanded / frosted “, playing on the wide range of colors, you can combine privacy with design. When freedom of expression is allowed, one can dare with “see-I do not see” films with infinite fantasies (lines, squares, shades, flowers …).
  • EXCESSIVE HEAT and EXCESSIVE BRIGHTNESS: The ability of reflective films to avoid the passage of solar heat up to 80% allows a considerable energy saving, otherwise necessary to “refrigerate” the entire caloric mass. The reduction in costs of conditioning makes the investment really convenient and amortizable in a short time (variable from two to four years in relation to the glazed surface of the walls).
  • REFLECTIONS ON PC / BLADES: The sunscreen reduces the reflection on the screens effectively, allowing free view to the outside. And with the possible help of Venetian blinds, the problem is definitely solved.
  • SHOOTING: The films protect fabrics (eg curtains in silk), furnishings (floors, tables, precious desks in wood or leather adjacent to the windows), merchandise on display (underwear, clothing in the showcase..etc) as they filter UltraVioletti rays and Infrared rays.
  • DISSOLUTION: Some activities must necessarily display their goods in the window, but the heat of the sun, the deteriorates / sforma (such as roasting expose chocolate products, candles, pastries, bakeries, supermarkets).
  • ANTI Ultra Violets: a wide range of transparent or lightly colored films that protect important works of art (eg museums, castles, private collectors) without modifying their original appearance, as required by the Superintendency of Cultural and Architectural Heritage.

The films are guaranteed from 2 to 15 years(the duration is about 3 times as much), depending on type and if positioned on the inside or outside façade.

They do not have any maintenance costs, they do not smell, they do not weigh down the glass on which it is applied, they resist fire in case of fire and all our films increase the impact resistance in case of breakage (interesting for those who had at home children, disabled people, clumsy domestic workers, lively animals …).