The house is the place of pleasure where to spend part of the time, the house is experienced both day and night and for some it is also the place of work. There are different types of houses: single houses, two-family houses, apartments, penthouses, super penthouses but in the summer the sun does not distinguish all the same, creating problem temperatures, which can only be resolved by switching on the air conditioning system. There are several window films that lend themselves very well to residential use both to solve problems of excessive heat and save, both to reduce the brightness, and to reduce the problems of fading or discoloration of fabrics.


The safety films are designed and manufactured to guarantee the glazed surfaces the maximum protection from all those natural or vandalistic events that could damage them, seriously compromising the safety of the person and the goods.


They allow to reduce the entry of heat up to 80%, obtaining cooler and more comfortable environments. In the presence of air conditioning systems, they offer considerable energy savings, allowing for the amortization of spending in a few years.


The sun produces in addition to heat and light also ultraviolet radiation called with the abbreviation of UV rays, the latter are the most responsible for the deterioration of fabrics, boxes, prints, carpets etc … To decrease in a concrete way the deterioration of colors we recommend anti-UV films, special films, completely transparent, thanks to which UVs are blocked over 99%. The anti-UV films compared to the classic sunscreen films, are more stable and are able to work in extreme conditions while maintaining the percentage of rejection. These window films are very suitable to protect very delicate and precious goods such as paintings, carpets, tapestries, etc.


Privacy films are available in a wide range of alternatives. A transparent glass can be transformed into an opaque glass in various colors, or a transparent glass in reflective glass can be transformed that allows you to see outside without being seen during the day. Even in this last case it is possible to choose between a wide range of colors and shades.


The films can be used to modernize and renovate the interiors of homes.

Thanks to the various possible effects, including textured, metal, polished and marble, the house will look new at a lower price. Textured and natural-textured panels offer Rapid and efficient renovations involving simple and economical post-installation maintenance. Almost every surface can change its appearance.

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